Mission, Vision & Values


Healthy Chesapeake is committed to building a culture of wellness that supports, sustains and advocates for a healthier Chesapeake.


To be ranked the healthiest community in Virginia per the Robert Wood Johnson County Health Ranking.

Values and Philosophy

Healthy Chesapeake and partners are working together to build a culture of health that provides everyone in Chesapeake a fair and just opportunity for health. We focus on the four key factors that are used to determine our community health, which are measured by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

These four key areas include:

  1. Health Behaviors
  2. Clinical Care
  3. Social and Economic Factors
  4. Physical Environment

This ideology is commonly labeled the social determinants of health. The belief that these social determinants are factors that must all be addressed is a driving factor in our plan for building a culture of health. We are committed to addressing these social determinants challenges and opportunities through programming that is outlined in our focus areas

Healthy Chesapeake, Inc. operates in a participatory manner where diverse groups work collaboratively to drive our priorities and comprehensive view of health. Our priority is working with residents and neighborhoods that rank highest in need within the city’s Neighborhood Quality of Life Study. These neighborhoods and residents typically experience higher levels of poverty and crime, lower levels of home ownership, and other economic challenges. While our goal is to work city-wide, these neighborhoods and their residents are our highest priority.


  • Create and support a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)
  • Facilitate collaborations between citizens, government, businesses, and other agencies
  • Provide awareness of services, programs, and other activities supporting a healthy Chesapeake
  • Support ideas, actions, and solutions to health and quality of life issues
  • Document and disseminate best practices for local consideration
  • Analyze effectiveness and report outcomes of projects, initiatives, and efforts, etc.

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Healthy Chesapeake
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