Welcome to Healthy Chesapeake

Mission Statement

Healthy Chesapeake is committed to building a culture of wellness that supports, sustains, and advocates for a healthier Chesapeake


Virginia’s Plan for Well-Being was released in 2016 with the goal of making Virginia the healthiest state in the nation.  Healthy Chesapeake is working to make Chesapeake the “healthiest community ” in the healthiest state.

According to the Chesapeake Community Health Assessment (released in 2014), the city has been struggling to meet the growing needs of its vulnerable and aging populations.  The Assessment also noted the need for an increased focus and resources on issues of prevention, accessible health care, mental health, and substance abuse disorders. Chronic diseases continue to impact our residents. Many residents have higher rates of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. The overall death rate is higher than the state death rate. Also, our number of households where people live in poverty continues to increase.

Working with many partners, we are committed to addressing these important issues.  As a local non-profit, we have pledged to serve as a catalyst for change. Thus, we can improve the opportunities for health and wellness for all our residents.

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