We are committed to building a culture of wellness that supports, sustains, and advocates for a healthier Chesapeake. Join us on our journey and learn more today. 

The past few days have shown significant changes in our community in light of the coronavirus pandemic. These are trying times for all.

Healthy Chesapeake Coalition partners have integral roles in delivering medical care, nutrition, and engagement to those most effected by the disruption of daily activity. They are providing essential services, bagged lunches to children, meals to homebound senior community members, and offering opportunities to remain engaged despite the use of physical distancing for protection.

As a coalition of organizations, agencies and individuals working to address the social determinants of health, we creatively work across usual workflows, provide mutual supports and amplify each other’s resources. Specifically, the Coalition is assisting by Feeding the Feeders and providing background support for our partners. Additionally, are promoting the positive connections that are occurring here in Chesapeake. Despite physical distancing, we are working together, for the health of the whole community.

Please keep an eye on our social media pages and share the highlights from our partners’ actions, notifications of where volunteers are needed, as well as other tools to stay engaged with the community and an active participant in your physical, mental and emotional wellness.

Be Well,
Wendy Schofer, MD, FAAP
Beth Reitz, MS
Healthy Chesapeake Coalition Co-Chairs

What We Do

We are here to support Chesapeake in becoming the healthiest city in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Chesapeake is 40th in Quality of Life and 39th in Length of Life among the measured communities in Virginia. 

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The Healthy Chesapeake Coalition is “committed to building a culture of wellness that supports, sustains, and advocates for a healthier Chesapeake.” Learn more about our coalition partners

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