Coalition Partners

The Healthy Chesapeake Coalition is comprised of vested citizens and community partners. The Healthy Chesapeake Coalition supports the design and implementation of strategies, projects, and other efforts to address the community’s challenges and seize opportunities to support the health of Chesapeake.

The Healthy Chesapeake Coalition is a “coalition committed to building a culture of wellness that supports, sustains, and advocates for a healthier Chesapeake.” The Coalition is an integral part of Healthy Chesapeake. It plays an important role in developing responses to the community’s needs. Their initial focus is centered around the development of Active Lifestyles and Healthy Eating efforts.

The Coalition has ad hoc work teams that develop the methodology and provide the implementation of their projects. The Coalition has representatives on the Healthy Chesapeake 501(c)3 Board of Directors, who provide continuity between the two groups.

Below are the members of the Healthy Chesapeake Coalition.