Focus Areas

A Unique Collaboration

Our focus areas help facilitate community-wide collaboration through the development of programs, advocacy and community education. These initiatives address the challenges and provide opportunities to impact the health of Chesapeake. 


The purpose of CARE is to improve access to, and the utilization of, health services resources. CARE develops collaborative programs that address existing and emerging health issues and facilitates collaborating partners to provide a host of programs. These programs are designed to improve workforce readiness, maintain mental acuity and address barriers affecting social engagement. 

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Food Connection

Food Connection exists to address food insecurity and promote healthy eating. These objectives will reduce chronic disease, improve quality of life and lower financial cost to individuals, businesses and government. We seek to provide opportunities for individuals to have the resources to grow their own food or have access to healthy foods via products grown by Coalition Partners. 

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Research & Evaluation

All programs supported by Healthy Chesapeake are evaluated by our Evaluation and Research team led by a collaboration of Eastern Virginia Medical School and Old Dominion University. Our Evaluation and Research team is managed by Dr. Michelle Kekeh from Old Dominion University. It is mandatory to provide data, comply with research gathering requests, and participate in evaluation sessions as determined by the research and evaluation team. Our intent is to ensure that we have an accurate impact analysis in place to maximize our effectiveness.

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