Focus Area Work Teams

The mission of Healthy Chesapeake is to be the Healthiest City in the Healthiest State in the nation, in accordance with Virginia’s Plan For Well Being. The four factors that serve as the program focus for Healthy Chesapeake are Healthy Eating, Behavioral Health, Neighborhood Ambassadors, and Active Lifestyles.

These health factors are commonly acknowledged as key influencers or indicators of the health of a community. As such, the Healthy Chesapeake, Inc. Board of Governors has used them as the guide to shape the mission of the organization. The Board of Governors have also used these health factors to develop key goals and objectives for the organization.

The goals of Healthy Chesapeake are: 

Goal 1 – Work collaboratively to address critical health behaviors impacting citizen’s health in Chesapeake.

Goal 2 – Work collaboratively to address the provision of physical and behavioral health for citizens of Chesapeake to ensure access and encourage utilization of quality care.

Goal 3 – Work collaboratively to address social and economic factors that contribute to the health of Chesapeake citizens.

Goal 4 – Work collaboratively to address the physical environment of Chesapeake.

Goal 5 – Work collaboratively to build an awareness of the health status of Chesapeake, seek health considerations for all policies adopted, monitor programmatic impacts, and provide best practices for community adoption.


 Healthy Chesapeake goals is meeting these goals in a variety of ways. This includes working with contractual vendors to deliver new services, supporting expansion of existing services by non-Coalition providers, and working with the Coalition partners to develop and deliver initiatives.

There are currently several programs directed at the four factors.  Both the Garden-2-Table and Healthy Chef programs are addressing the food desert or lack of access to healthy foods in portions of our city. The Garden-2-Table program provides Chesapeake’s citizens with access to healthy foods through community gardens. Healthy Chef provides healthy cooking classes. The Health Ambassador program is a peer education and support program. The Health Ambassador program was developed to encourage the use of health care resources and increase access to healthy lifestyle choices in certain underserved neighborhoods. The SPARK program provides youth with access to healthy activities directed by youth employees. In the future, our Diabetes and Family Planning clinics will serve our community as a referral medical resource to increase access to health care. 

All programs supported by Healthy Chesapeake are evaluated by our Evaluation and Research team led by a collaboration of Eastern Virginia Medical School and Old Dominion University. Our Evaluation and Research team is managed by Dr. Brian Martin of the Healthy Chesapeake Board of Governors and Dr. Michelle Kekeh from Old Dominion University. It is mandatory to provide data, comply with research gathering requests, and participate in evaluation sessions as determined by the research and evaluation team. Our intent is to ensure that we have an accurate impact analysis in place to maximize our effectiveness.


If you are interested in providing feedback, being a service provider, offering financial support, or participating in our efforts, please contact Healthy Chesapeake at or 757-615-4609.