Focus Area Work Teams

The mission of Healthy Chesapeake is to support Chesapeake becoming the healthiest city in the healthiest state in the nation, in accordance with Virginia’s Plan For Well Being.   We currently average around 40th in the Virginia rankings.

There are many factors that contribute to an individuals health, commonly called the social determinants of health. While recognizing that addressing all the determinants is critical to moving us toward a healthier status, we have prioritized our efforts to several key areas to begin.  We provide programming in those areas while also working to support community entities that are tackling other social determinant needs when possible.  It is going to take us all working together to reach our city’s promise.  

The initial program focus for Healthy Chesapeake centers around supporting Healthy Eating, Behavioral Health, and Active Lifestyles to prevent or reduce diabetes, hypertension and other health risk factors.  There are currently several programs supporting the focus areas:

  • The Garden-2-Table program which is  working to address the lack of access to healthy foods among some segments of our population or in areas of our city.  The Garden-2-Table program provides Chesapeake’s citizens with access to healthy foods through community gardens developed within their neighborhood, provision of individual grow boxes, and the establishment of production sites that produce food for distribution.
  • The Healthy Chef  provides healthy cooking classes so that youth, seniors and others are provided the knowledge and have the skills needed to eat as healthy as possible. 
  • The Health Ambassador program is under development, but will provide a peer education and support program to encourage the use of health care resources and increase access to healthy lifestyle choices in underserved neighborhoods.
  • The SPARK program provides youth and seniors with access to healthy activities.  It also includes a workforce component provided in collaboration with Opportunity Inc, the area Workforce Board for youth employees to work as program assistants within target communities . 

EVALUATION:  A critical aspect for us such that all programs supported by Healthy Chesapeake are evaluated by our Evaluation and Research team led by a collaboration of Eastern Virginia Medical School and Old Dominion University. Our Evaluation and Research team is managed by Dr. Michelle Kekeh from Old Dominion University. It is mandatory to provide data, comply with research gathering requests, and participate in evaluation sessions as determined by the research and evaluation team. Our intent is to ensure that we have an accurate impact analysis in place to maximize our effectiveness.


If you are interested in providing feedback, being a service provider, offering financial support, or participating in our efforts, please contact Healthy Chesapeake at or 757-615-4609.