Check Your City’s Recreational Resource Guides

We have a great partner in The City of Chesapeake, which offers a “55 and Better” program full of activities, exercise and health programs.

Ensure That you Get Vaccinated

As a person ages, infectious diseases become a more serious threat. Getting vaccinated is the easiest way to decrease risk of infectious diseases. If you are uninsured or not yet on Medicaid contact the Virginia Department of Health for more information on low cost Adult Vaccines, and to see what immunizations recommended.

Edible Windowsill Garden

Even for those who weren’t into gardening, windowsill gardens are fun elderly activities to do as a family or individually. Very popular gardens are those you can eat – a tangible goal! The easiest to grow are dill, basil, cilantro, lavender (which you can also use to make a lavender pillow), parsley, mint, thyme, oregano, and chives. (Use a potting mix rather than soil, which can carry disease). A sunny windowsill is best. Many types of pots and containers can be used, including simple plastic trays, but they should be at least 6 inches deep. . You can also grow strawberries, tomatoes and sunflowers on the window sill. See your garden center for specific instructions. There are also windowsill herb and edible plant kits available, and these make really easy elderly activities.

Gone Fishing Party

We have lots more elderly activities – with parties! And many can be indoors or out, any time of year. Including a fishing-themed extravaganza. So don’t let any weather stop you! Get plenty of details on our party theme ideas page.

Conversation Strengthens Memory

In a University of Michigan study, psychologist Oscar Ybarra at the U-Michigan Institute for Social Research tested a large group of people up to 96 years old. He found that just 10 minutes of conversation with a friend worked just as well as elderly activities involving brain games, like crossword puzzles to strengthen the memory, and also help with socialization which has been proven to help prevent depression and loneliness

Recording Your Memoirs

My own grown kids love that their grandfather digitally recorded his memoirs, and we made copies for everyone. They’re intrigued by his stories and perspectives through the wars, Depression, post-war boom years, launching a career, raising a family (with me being one of the kids) back in the “olden days”! Especially, my son remarks, back when adolescent young men were still “gentlemen.” See our page on Senior Activity Ideas for more details.

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