Imagine you have diabetes or hypertension and you stop in at the doctor’s office. As with any appointment, you may leave with a prescription. But instead of pills, you come out with an order for fruits and vegetables.That’s the aim of a “Food Farmacy” planned for South Norfolk and set to open within the next few months. A coalition of local health officials hopes to improve the community’s access to healthy food and focus on the connection between what they eat and how they feel. The idea is “to help you help yourself,” said Dr. Nancy Welch, director of the Chesapeake Health Department.

Thank you Chesapeake Hospital Authority, Chesapeake Regional Healthcare, Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia, and Buffalow Family and Friends Community Days for this amazing partnership. Read more about Food as Medicine in the PilotOnline article by Katherine Haftner.

Photo Courtesy of Steve Early, The Virginian Pilot