Jenny Fertig
Executive Director

Jenny Fertig, MSA, has been hired to work as a 0.63 FTE to provide the administrative oversight of Healthy Chesapeake. She facilitates the delivery of programs as developed by a collaborative of service providers, health department staff, and community stakeholders. She is supervised by a board of directors. At present, the position is being funded through a grant from the Virginia Department of Health.

Ms. Fertig is an experienced community development professional, who has managed many state, federal, and foundation grants. Her experience includes managing beta pilots for the Northwest Area Foundation and the USDA. With local, state, and national experience in program development, she brings coalition-based experience as well as strong fiscal and program management expertise. Her passion and commitment to community success fits well with the team approach that this initiative is built upon.

Duties and Responsibilities

Administrative Coordination of Service Delivery

  • Promoting program goals and objectives
  • Supporting long-range program planning and development
  • Monitoring program performance and service delivery
  • Interpreting, developing, analyzing, and recommending policies and procedures
  • Managing grants
  • Providing consultative services
  • Conducting studies and research
  • Monitoring and analyzing legislation
  • Coordinating resources
  • Supervising program and administrative staff

Community Outreach and Collaboration

  • Recruiting, tracking, screening, and managing volunteers
  • Supporting events
  • Disseminating information
  • Representing the initiative at events, meetings, workshops, etc.
  • Facilitating collaborative meetings and trainings of the board
  • Writing grants and other fund-development support
  • Tracking/Reporting impact and effectiveness