Get Kids Involved in Healthy Food Choices and Cooking


Taking Care of the Environment


Start youth sports leagues

  • How to Start a Youth Sports League by Kim Nunley
  • How to Start a Youth Sports Non-Profit by Helen Harvey
  • Canfit.orgGreat guidebooks and handouts. This whole site is worth exploring. Particularly aimed at helping lower-income communities.
  • Christian youth sports league resources Practical resources and guides for Christian churches that want to start leagues.
  • National Alliance for Youth Sports.  Has strong sections of advice for recreation agencies and parents.
  • Kids Sports LeagueThis Maryland group helped local people start youth sports leagues. The idea would be a good model for any group that wanted to do the same.
  • Start a junior Olympic program. Type “USA Junior Olympic programs” into a search engine to find a wide variety of links to various junior Olympic sports. Junior Olympic programs are eligible for various helpful resources, including grants and events kids can attend.


Add physical activity to afterschool programs


Create active summer programs

These afterschool advocacy organizations will help you think outside the box:


Get parents and kids exercising together

If you’d like to help create opportunities for parents and kids to exercise together:

  • Pull together people from agencies and churches to brainstorm: Create a family volleyball or Frisbee league. Have a family jump rope competition. If you have a healthy lifestyle coalition, it’s a lot easier to have this conversation on an ongoing basis.
  • Try the Meetup site to start your own Parents and Kids exercise groups
  • Healthy Kids Hub. This is a terrific collection of activities, information and material sources for afterschool programs. A project of Healthy Kids Out of School, sponsored by a wide variety of organizations dedicated to checking child obesity. Check it out! Watch the video to get started.
  • National groups can help:


Promote Dental Care and Preventative Maintenance


Keep Kids on Schedule with Immunizations

  • The CDC offers easy-to-read schedules for all ages and easy-to-read formats to print, tools to download, and ways to prepare for your office visit.