Community Groups

*Start a community food drive. Collecting food as a group has the power to feed the hungry in your own community. For a comprehensive guide to organizing a food drive click here.

Gather a group and help people paint and repair their homes, or volunteer to clean up trash around a neighborhood. Distribute leaf bags and offer to assist neighbors with raking their yards.

*Plan a baby shower for a local pregnancy center.

*Community-Wide Blood Drive– Support your local blood bank

*Create your community’s very own ‘memory box’. While this may include many historical archives, you could try and relate them to your own lives. What did my favorite park or school originally look like? What did people do for fun in the past?

*The Amazing Race (Community Group Edition): Have your own race around your neighborhood. Each couple is a team. One couple will act as the hosts. This couple will create the different clues and challenges. During the event, they can photograph different challenges and then be at the finish line to declare the winner and dole out prizes. If you make this an annual event, you can take turns being the hosts. – Watermark Church, Dallas