Civic Associations

Community groups are a logosperfect place to share ideas that bring us all together. We work closely with our coalition partners to network throughout the city, bringing the concept of Healthy Chesapeake to the people who need us the most. If you and your organization would like to partner with us to help for events, fundraising or community outreach, please contact us! 

Civic Group Project Ideas

*Start a holiday parade tradition! The Chesapeake Rotary Christmas Parade is 32 years old.  This year’s parade is sponsored by the Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, with the theme is “Be A Gift To The World” .

*Travel Raffle – Get your group together to dream up the perfect getaway. For the prize package, you’ll definitely want to secure airfare and wonderful accommodations for two. Seal the deal with included tickets and coupons for activities to fill out the winner’s travel itinerary. Struggling to find donated plane tickets? See if a frequent flyer will donate her miles. Having difficulty booking a hotel? Ask around for a donated vacation property. You can host a reveal party to pick the winner’s name, or fold the raffle into another fundraising event.

*Heavy Lifter Helpers –  Elderly citizens in your area need help with daily tasks that would never even faze a high schooler. Offer your lifting, moving, opening, and carrying services for a day, weekend, or series of weekends. Unload and unpack groceries, Re-organize garages, Sort boxes in the basement, and much more!Ask for donations from the community and the people that you’re helping, especially, or a guarantee, charge a small donation fee for your services.

*Biggest Workday Ever- Plan dozens of projects, involving all age groups.Challenge members and regular attenders to commit at least two hours for planting, painting, cleaning and other DIY projects.

*Thank Local Heroes– Invite fire fighters, police officers, emergency medical personnel and others for a special recognition service.

*Holiday Food Baskets– Organize, prepare and deliver holiday food baskets to families and individuals in need.