Healthy Chesapeake is Seeking Neighborhood Ambassadors

March 28, 2016 8:19 pm

Do you

…want to make a difference in your neighborhood?

… helping people know where they can find local health, wellness

and other community resources?


….Want to learn simple strategies to improve your own health,

and the health of your family,

friends, and neighbors?


….like being a leader and encouraging your neighbors to take advantage of opportunities?


If Yes, then you should be a Neighborhood Ambassador!

What is a Neighborhood Ambassador?

  • The “go-to” person in the neighborhood who is knowledgeable about health care and other important services, programs, and opportunities in our area
  • Knows where to refer neighbors for health care needs such as prenatal care, immunizations, family planning and WIC
  • Is trained in first aid and other actions such as taking blood pressures
  • Offers advice to neighbors on wellness the importance of prevention and self-care
  • Identifies classes, programs and services that could be offered in the community and encourages neighbors to participate. An example might be how to make good food choices and provide health cooking tips
  • Keep neighbors informed of when special programs like a health care clinic, cooking school, or exercise program will be coming to their area

Chesapeake Health Department along with Healthy Chesapeake members like the Lifestyle Center of Chesapeake Regional Medical Center and Virginia Cooperative Extension will be offering a full-day of training that will prepare you to become a Heighborhood Ambassador. Participants will have access to information and other great resources to help them take on this new and important role in their community, and will also have ongoing support and training from a variety of health and wellness professionals within the community to help support them in this role.