Every dollar donated to Healthy Chesapeake goes toward supporting our programs that are helping the men and women of Chesapeake develop healthy lifestyles.  

To earmark your donation for a specific cause, please leave a comment in the “Special Instructions to Seller” field of Paypal. 

Healthy Chef

An engaging cooking school hosted by Healthy Chesapeake in our under-serveSenior Healthy Cooking Class at Cambridge Gardensd communities. It features healthy eating tips and techniques with easy to use seasonal menus. It also has a mobile cooking component that allows us to set-up fully equipped cooking stations for hands-on instruction.  The menus are also developed to be cost conscious and can be tailored to audiences with special needs such a diabetes or heart conditions.

Support Healthy Chef:

  • Participant sponsorship – a gift of $5 will sponsor one child/senior to attend Healthy Chef.
  • Cooking Kit – $35 will provide a cooking set that includes a knife, apron, pot-holder, meat thermometer, measuring cup, and crock-pot for each low-income child/senior upon graduation from a 12-course session.

Garden 2 Table

Healthy Chesapeake’s Garden 2 Table initiative consists of 3 main aspects:

  • On-Site Community Gardens: Gardens built in communities throughout Chesapeake that are designed to be a collaborative effort between Healthy Chesapeake3 Healthy Chesapeake Ambassadors Tending Their Gardens sponsors and members of the apartment complex/neighborhood/school/etc in which it was built.
  • Production Gardens: Sites where Healthy Chesapeake partners have constructed a garden designed to grow produce for distribution to area shelters, kitchens, and low-income residents.
  • Mobile Markets: Healthy Chesapeake partners support mobile markets that bring fresh produce into low access area.  We also support a program that provides low-income families and seniors with weekly vouchers that are redeemable for produce at mobile markets.

Support Garden 2 Table:

  • Voucher Program- $5/senior or youth OR $10/family per day 
  • Community Gardens- $3,000 is the start-up cost for a 15 bed garden wDr. Clarence V. Cuffee Community Center Mobile Marketith disability access. Garden management is approximately $250/month with an additional annual cost of $1,000 for replanting and sporadic repairs.
  • Production Gardens- $5,000-$7,000 depending on the size of each parcel of land
  • Mobile Market- Operational costs average $100/day for the Mobile Market. Your gift can help bring fresh produce to under-served communities. 

Buffalow Family & Friends Community Days

This year Healthy Chesapeake has partnered with the Buffalow Family Foundation to help fund expansion of their Thanksgiving meal program Buffalow Family & Friends Community Days. Last year, Buffalow Family and Friends Community Days were able to reach 200 seniors. This year, our goal is 300 to 500 seniors. We need your help to make this happen!

Support Buffalow Family & Friends Community Days:

  • Sponsor a meal – $3 will provide a Thanksgiving meal to a community member in need
  • Donate clothing or hygiene products – $5 will help Healthy Chesapeake provide warm clothing and hygienic products to a needy Chesapeake resident

Life & Health Ambassadors

Healthy Chesapeake has developed a coalition of devoted community members who are taking initiative and providing invaluable guidance and support as Healthy Chesapeake works with them at the neighborhood level to address challenges and opportunities within their locality.  Life and Health Ambassadors are essential to identifying fundamental issues within communities and a critical component of identifying and addressing public health crises in Chesapeake.  

Support Healthy Chesapeake’s Life & Health Ambassadors:

  • Ambassador Training Programs – $50 provides the refreshments for one ambassador training
  • Ambassador Resource Materials – Healthy Chesapeake is hoping to provide each ambassador with  a kit including a resource notebook and t-shirt and be able to send them to local training when appropriate. The cost for this comprehensive resource program would be $3,000-5,000.
  •  Printing and Outreach – $2,500 will provide a year of weekly flyers and semi-annual events for a community in Chesapeake.