Active Lifestyles


Working with our Coalition partners, we are striving to Increase Mental and Physical Engagement, which includes ensuring that everyone has reasonable opportunities and access to recreational and active lifestyle options. Then, we are encouraging utilization of these opportunities.

We are working in partnership with many Coalition members including Chesapeake Parks and Recreation, the YMCA, the Lifestyles Center, Chesapeake Schools, ODU, Boys and Girls Clubs, Chesapeake Trails Commission, the Girl Scouts, and the Wellness Commission. Our goal is to provide access to art, sewing, music, dance, technology, and fitness classes to engage our youth, seniors, families, and others in leading a more active and healthy lifestyle. The TCC Computer Club provided our seniors with computers that will be used for technology education classes. The Youth Advisory Board and Mayor’s Ambassadors continually provide engagement opportunities for our seniors. Thank you for all that you do for Healthy Chesapeake!

At present, the team is working on developing an interactive GIS map that will be housed on our and our partner agencies websites. This map will provide residents with easy access to locating the many venues, events, and providers in our area. Meanwhile, check out our IDEA FARM for fun activities that you can do with your group, family, or yourself to become a more active member of the Healthy Chesapeake community.


If you are interested in joining this team or provide feedback on this topic, please email us at Also, check the calendar for the next meeting and join us.