Diabetes Awareness Month

November is Diabetes Awareness Month! All month long we will be posting tips and information about preventing and  managing diabetes as well as caring for loved ones with diabetes.

Tips for avoiding complications from diabetes

  • Make a commitment to managing your diabetes
    • Working with a diabetes care team significantly helps the difficulty of managing diabetesPhoto Courtesy of Alan Levine
    • Setting a easy to follow plan can help you stay on track with your medications and testing
  • Don’t Smoke
    • Smoking can lead to a variety of symptoms that can complicate diabetes
  • Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in check
    • Unregulated diabetes can cause wear and tear on your circulatory system preventing excessive harm to your arteries by monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol can keep cardiac episodes from happening
  • Schedule regular physicals and eye exams
    • The first step to treating a complication is catching it early
    • Schedule regular appointments to ensure that your diabetes is monitored and any issues are found as soon as they appear
  • Keep your vaccines up to date
    • High blood sugar can lower your immune defense; taking care of your immunity is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy
      • Make sure you AT LEAST have these vaccines:
        • Flue
        • Pneumonia
        • Hepatitis B
Tips courtesy of Meyer Clinic

Food tips for people with diabetes

  • Make choices that are high in protein but low in carbohydratesVegetables photo courtesy of Toshiyu IMAI
  • Plan to have healthy low carbohydrate snacks throughout the day to curb over eating
  • Try to stick to scheduled eating time in order to line up meals with injections or pills
  • If going out, try to stick to healthier restaurants that make it easier to stick to your health plan
  • When at a restaurant try to eat the same portion as you would at home
  • Know that the average fast food meal is around 1,000 calories and keep that in mind if you must go to a fast food establishment
Tips courtesy of the American Diabetes Association