Community Engagement

Healthy Chesapeake actively participates in our community. From participating in community events  to providing Chesapeake’s citizens forums focused on health, Healthy Chesapeake continues to be the prime mover in Chesapeake’s health revolution.

Some of the events Healthy Chesapeake has participated in include the annual 4th of July Parade and the Feed Virginia Day of Action. For the 4th of July Parade, Healthy Chesapeake set up a station that taught children about how to make slime. For the Feed Virginia Day of Action, Healthy Chesapeake helped with a food drive, which ended in the distribution of food to low income seniors at the Chesapeake Avenue United Methodist Church. Chesapeake’s citizens donated non-perishable food items. Supermarkets even provided gift cards that were used to purchase food to be distributed. 

Healthy Chesapeake provides forums for community members to voice their opinions of the health issues affecting people in the community. These forums provide our locals with the opportunity to create an open discussion about the health issues that affect Chesapeake on a daily basis. Along with the forums, Healthy Chesapeake Coalition members are actively involved in the strategic planning process to help improve Healthy Chesapeake’s methods.

Lastly, our ambassadors are always involved in being the catalyst for Healthy Chesapeake’s efforts in the community. Here is a link to the ambassador page for more information: